Menu Plan Monday: October 10-16, 2011

October 11, 2011

I haven’t posted a menu plan in ages — my work schedule got changed around, which meant I didn’t get to go to the grocery store on my usual day/time.  As a result, I often found myself shopping for meals I could pull together from memory.  Trying to get back on track now….

Monday — Girl Scout meeting for Sophia & me.  We had to resort to McDonald’s drive through.  Yuk.  I swear the older I get, the lower my tolerance for fast food.

Tuesday — crab cakes, Alfredo noodles, and broccoli.

Wednesday — quick meal before church…we will have Turkey & Cranberry Stuffed Crescent Braid

Thursday40 Garlic Clove Chicken in the crock pot, served with rice and broccoli.

Friday — I’m having eye surgery; not sure how motivated I will be to cook dinner.  We’ll order pizza and watch Nim’s Island for Family Movie Night.

Saturday — Sophia and I are scrapbooking today while Dan and Trevor will be bicycle riding.  I’ll have something on standby but I’m not sure what time we will finish with our respective activities or how everyone will feel.  Leaving this one up in the air for now.

Sunday — leftovers or snacking.


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