The Purge Project, Day 11c: The kitchen counter top

September 14, 2011

Oh, flat surfaces, how you excel at attracting clutter!  My kitchen counter top is so covered with STUFF that I can’t recall what color it is.

Here’s what I moved to an out of the way location:

  • two decks of playing cards
  • ice cream maker

Here’s what I got rid of:

  • a bag of special diet cat food that I didn’t want to buy, and that my cat refuses to eat.
  • A collection of dead batteries that I’d planned to recycle, but discovered that the place that used to accept them no longer does.   😦
  • a cookie jar that is pretty but doesn’t fit in with the color scheme of my kitchen

And other improvements:

  • I put the dog food & treats all together at the far end of the counter.  It’s still clutter, but at least it’s at the end and out of the way.

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