Word of the Week

May 10, 2011

Lately, Sophia has taken to using the word “adore.”  When she came home from school one day last week and excitedly started telling me about her interest in playing a musical instrument, she was saying that she had a hard time trying to decide what to play.

(Dear Lord, anything but the flute, I silently prayed!)

She said, “Well, my first choice would be percussion, because that includes bells and I just adore the bells.  My second choice would be saxophone.  But there are other instruments that I like too.  There’s the clarinet, and the oboe, and the French horn.  I adore the French horn.”

Whole lot of adoring going on there!  (And I don’t even know what a French horn sounds like, but  percussion!  I like the idea of my girl being a kick-butt girl drummer!)

Anyway, she was working on a school assignment last night and she asked about famous men that she could write about.  I suggested presidents.  She said, “Let’s see… Washington, Jefferson… oh, I know!” and ran out of the room.  A few minutes later, she said, “I’m writing about Ben Franklin.  I just adore Ben Franklin!”  And I don’t know why, but that really tickled my funny bone.


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