Julie’s Cornish Adventure, Part 2: Why We Went

September 4, 2010

Okay, many of my friends and family wanted to know… why Cornwall?  It seems like such a relatively unknown part of England, particularly when you look at its location on a map:

Cornwall is the red county, all the way down at the southern most tip of England.  So… why here?  Why not London or Bath or Stratford-upon-Avon or some other well known English site?

Well, it all started with the British television show “Doc Martin.”  I added it to our Netflix “watch instantly” queue a year or so ago and watched it by myself  on those evenings when Dan was playing Guild Wars.  I fell in love with the characters and the scenery, and eagerly looked for the next season on Netflix.  Season 2, however, was only available on disc, so when I watched it, Dan watched with me.  He soon became a fan of the show as well.

ASIDE:   Doc Martin is a charming show about a very skilled, intelligent surgeon from London who suddenly develops an irrational fear of blood.  One sight of blood and he goes into a panic attack — sweating, hyperventilating, vomiting.  As a result, he can no longer practice surgery, so he moves to a small Cornish village and becomes a general practitioner.  The only problem is that he has NO bedside manner and very little in the way of people skills.  He is a very serious man, and the people in the village couldn’t be more outgoing and laid back.

After caring for my dad during his illness last year and his subsequent death in December, I decided that I wanted/needed a vacation.  A really GOOD vacation.  I couldn’t think of any place I would rather go than Cornwall.

When we were deciding where to visit in Cornwall and what our lodging options were, Dan made the comment to me that if Port Isaac (the town where Doc Martin is filmed) was the inspiration for the trip, he thought we should spend  as much time there as possible.  I looked into what hotels were available there, and didn’t have a hard time selecting one:  The Old School Hotel.  It is an old school building (award-winning in its day) that is prominently featured in the Doc Martin series.  We booked a room and decided to call Port Isaac our home for the week we were in Cornwall.

Another major factor in deciding to go to Cornwall was the weather.  While summer here was week after week of 90+ degree weather with heat indices in excess of 110, the average temperature in Cornwall at that time is 65-75 degrees.  Plus, because it is a peninsula, there is nearly always a good breeze blowing through.

I seriously want to live in Cornwall when I’m older.  It was so beautiful!  Here are some pictures of Port Isaac:

Port Isaac - the view from our hotel

Dan & Sophia outside Doc Martin's office

Port Isaac - town & harbor


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