Loving the Unlovable

September 1, 2010

Last night I was petting (and talking to) my cat, Daisy, who now hates the sight of me because I am the Giver of Medicine.

ME, TO A HISSING DAISY:  That’s right, Miss Daisy, I’m just going to keep on loving on you.  I don’t care how hateful you are to me, because I love you.

DAN, IN ADJACENT ROOM:  Yep, that’s what you’ve gotta do sometimes.

ME:  Hey!  You sound like you have experience with that situation or something.

DAN:  *laughs*

I am so blessed to have a husband with a good sense of humor, who loves me even when I am being hateful towards him!


One comment

  1. hmmm, I have to admit Snowie does test that axiom once-n-awhile. 🙂

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