Do the Math

August 20, 2010

Shopping yesterday at a certain store known for its deliciously scented toiletries and hand soaps…

I selected a nifty travel size (one ounce) hand sanitizer gel for $1.50 and a larger bottle (eight ounces) of the same product so I could refill it.  What follows is the conversation at the check out counter.

CLERK: These (indicating 1 ounce bottle) are 5 for $5.  Do you want to get four more?

ME: No, I’m getting this large bottle so I can just refill the smaller one.  It’s cheaper that way.

CLERK: Well, it’s just that you’re going to spend $6.50 on these two.

ME: How many ounces is the smaller bottle?


ME: How many ounces is the larger bottle?

CLERK: Eight.

ME: See?  It’s cheaper this way.  I get nine ounces for $6.50 instead of five ounces for $5.00.


But, alas, there was no light bulb moment of understanding.  How do people get jobs in retail when they can’t do basic math?



  1. oh sigh….math just isn’t stressed enough these days in such SIMPLE, tangible ways!! Grrrring right there with you, Hun.

  2. No light bulb? That makes it even worse!

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