Julie’s Cornish Adventure, Part 1: Traveling Light

August 19, 2010

A few weeks ago, we took a dream vacation to Cornwall England.  Cornwall is the southernmost point in the UK — a peninsula that juts out into the sea.  The weather there is usually sunny, never hot, and just about perfect in every way.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful it was there… words just don’t suffice.  However, I am going to blog about certain aspects of the trip and, from time to time, share some photos.

As is my tendency, I did a massive amount of research prior to actually taking this trip.  And because PBS is one of the six English-speaking channels we receive on our television, I went to the European travel expert, Rick Steves, for some pointers.

And everything was rolling along at a really nice pace until I stumbled across this page, which says in great big bold letters, “One bag.  That’s it.”

Excuse me?  Easy for Rick Steves to say.  He’s a man, after all.  I dashed off an email to Dan.  “Get this,” I said.  “Rick Steves says each traveler should limit themselves to one carry on bag and no checked baggage at all.”

Dan’s response was, “I can do it.  Could you?”

Sounded like a challenge to me, so I looked into what the carry on size restrictions were.   Then I looked for bags that got as close to the maximum allowed as possible.  (I’m not sacrificing any space I don’t have to!)  Then I did more research about what was allowed and prohibited so as to avoid any embarrassing security searches.

And finally, when it was time, I packed my bag.  seven tee shirts, seven pants, four pajamas, underwear, one pair of socks just in case my feet got cold, and makeup.  Plus all of my liquids/gels (shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, etc.) in TSA-approved containers.

We breezed through security without any problems. We boarded the plan and stowed our bags overhead.  And when we arrived in London, we took our bags, got off the plane, and (once we got our passports stamped) left the airport.  No worries about whether or not our luggage made it to our destination.  No worries about the contents of our luggage being searched or damage.  And best of all, no waiting at the baggage carousel for our luggage to make an appearance.

I am now convinced that this is the ONLY way to travel!  Thank you, Rick Steves!


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