Menu Plan Monday: July 26-August 1, 2010

July 26, 2010

Comments on last week’s menu: No new recipes last week.  Happy to say I didn’t turn on the oven once, though, and that kept the house a little bit cooler.

Monday —  hubby informs me we will be eating out tonight.

Tuesday Polynesian Roast Beef in the crock pot.  Serving it with rice and mixed veggies.

Wednesday — quick, easy dinner before cell group.  chicken sandwiches, mac & cheese, baked beans.

Thursday Italian Baked Chicken with Pastina, served with garlic bread and Caesar salad.

Friday —  I’m having dinner with some of my girlfriends; Dan and the kids will probably finish off whatever leftovers we have.

Saturday — we are leaving for vacation!



  1. No oven?! For a week?! I am so jealous! And impressed 🙂

    Polynesian roast beef sounds delicious!


  2. The eating out and the left over night is the part of meal planning I do really well. There is a lot of mac n cheese eaten on Wednesdays. Thanks for posting your plan. I really appreciate all the ideas.

  3. […] on my last (pre-vacation) menu: The Polynesian Roast Beef is being carried over to this week since I forgot to set up the crock […]

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