Because Unexpected Gifts Are the Best Kind

December 29, 2009

I just love receiving gifts that I wasn’t even expecting to get.  Particularly in the mail.  In fact, I have a slight obsession with mail, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, there are two companies that regularly send me gifts when I am not expecting them, and I thought I would share the love.

First is Pop Tarts SprinklingsSign up for this program and they will send you coupons or, even better, free Pop Tarts!  I’ve received free samples of their two newest flavors — Blueberry Muffin and Wild Grape.  I also received free Pop Tarts for each of the kids’ Half Birthdays (6 months following their birthday) for a special treat.  They ask you what your kids’ favorite flavor is when you sign up, so you will definitely get what they like.  So far I’ve received the equivalent of an entire box of Pop Tarts for free, plus coupons to reduce the cost when I buy them at the store.  I am a total fan of the Sprinklings program now!

The other program is Vocalpoint.  Periodically, I receive cleverly packaged material from Vocalpoint promoting a new product.  Inside, there are coupons and/or a sample for you to enjoy and share with your friends.  This is a “community” style website and I will be honest, I haven’t explored that aspect of it very much, but I’m sure that the more active you are, the greater your benefits.   To sign up for Vocalpoint, click here.

Got any mailbox love you’d like to tell me about?  Leave a comment below.


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