The Golden Time

November 30, 2009

I found this poem, clipped from a very old newspaper and yellowed with age, in a journal of quotes and clippings that I started in 1985 and have been adding to ever since.  I thought the poem was rather lovely, and wanted to share it here.

The Golden Time, by Margaret E Sangsten

When is the golden time?  You ask —
the golden time of love.
The time when earth is green beneath
And skies are blue above;
The time for sturdy health and strength,
The time for happy play —
When is the golden hour, you ask —
I answer you, “Today.”

Today, that from the Maker’s hand
Slips on the great world sea,
As staunch as ever ship that launched
To sail eternally.
Today that wafts to you and me
A breath of Eden’s prime,
That greets us, glad and large and free —
It is the golden time.

For Yesterday hath veiled her face
And gone as far away
As sands that swept the Pyramids
In Egypt’s ancient day.
No man shall look on Yesterday
Or tryst with her again;
Forever gone her toils, her prayers,
Her conflicts and her pain.

Tomorrow is not ours to hold,
May never come to bless
Or blight our lives with weal or ill
With gladness or distress.
No man shall clasp Tomorrow’s hand
Nor catch her on the way;
For when we reach Tomorrow’s land,
She’ll be by then Today.

You ask me for the golden time;
I bid you, “seize the hour,”
And fill it full of earnest work,
While yet you have the power.
Today, the golden time for joy.
Beneath the household eaves;
Today, the royal time for work
For “bringing in the sheaves.”

Today, the golden time for peace,
For righting olden feuds;
For sending forth from every heart
Whatever sin intrudes.
Today, the time to consecrate
Your life to God above,
Today, the time to banish hate
The golden time for love.

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