My mom is… wait, what?!?!

October 20, 2009

Today after school, Sophia and I were strolling through Walgreens and heading toward the cash register.  As usual, Sophia was lagging behind me by a few steps.

“Hey mom!” she called to me.  “Look!  It’s too bad they don’t have this in my size, huh?”

I turned around and my daughter was holding up a tee shirt that was made for an infant.  Emblazoned across the front was the proclamation, “MY MOM IS HOT.”

I nearly choked.

“Sophia, put that back!”  Oh, lordy, I hope no one saw that.

She shrugged and hung it back up.  “Well, it’s true,” she said in her defense.  “You are always hot.”

Oh.  That kind of hot.

Welcome to middle age.


One comment

  1. OMgoodness….ROLF!!! She is right though. 🙂

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