Menu Plan Monday: October 19-25, 2009

October 19, 2009

Comments on last week’s menu: The Easy Chicken with Potatoes was quite good, but only because I checked on it a couple of hours prior to dinner.  When I did, the potatoes were still quite firm. I added a little more dressing and bumped it up to high.  That made the difference!  It was all tender and tasty when we sat down to the table.

On to this week…

Monday — I’m working a little later than usual today,  so I’m going to set up the crock  pot with  To Die For Pot Roast.  Will serve with Roasted New Potato Salad and peas.

Tuesday — Our afternoon/evening will be quite busy, so  I’m setting up the crock pot again with priest chicken.  When I get home, I will fix white rice and broccoli to go with it.

Wednesday — cell group tonight.  I will set up the crock pot for an unprecedented third night in a row with BBQ Pork for sandwiches.  Serving with oven fries and baked beans.

Thursday — our only “normal” day this week!  As tempting as it is to do another crock pot meal, I am going to fix Trevor’s favorite chicken & rice, served with broccoli.

Friday — I am leaving on an all-weekend scrapbooking retreat.  Yep, 48 hours of scrapping fun!  Dan and the kids are on their own until I return Sunday afternoon.

Saturday — still scrapping!  🙂

Sunday — something easy if we don’t have leftovers, like chicken sandwiches and mac & cheese.



  1. I think I’ll give the Chicken and Potatoes a try. We’ll be getting potatoes with our Angel Food Ministries order.
    Looks like your family is going to have some delicious meals!

  2. I did chicken and rice in the crock pot and it turned out great! 😉 so if you did want another crockpot meal you could do it! Menu looks great!

  3. […] on last week’s menu: Nothing new last week, but I will take this opportunity to say that I love the priest chicken a […]

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