If it wasn’t attached…

October 10, 2009

Recently, Trevor came home with a stunningly good (for him) mid-term progress report.  Only one mediocre grade on it, and the rest of his grades were excellent.  This is unprecedented for him, particularly in the first term of the school year.

He asked if he could go to the homecoming dance. 

With a girl.

I didn’t have any good reason to tell him no… and believe you me, I wanted to tell him no.  But on the other hand, it seemed like a reward for his good grades was in order.  We told him he could go to the dance provided that he paid for everything (ticket, meal, etc.) himself.

Lord help me, my baby was going on his first date!

He bought the tickets one day this week and brought his home to show me.  I gave him a choked up, “oh that’s nice, dear” and gently reminded him to put it someplace safe.  Then I helped him evaluate his wardrobe possibilities for the dance, including which necktie of his father’s would be the best to borrow.

(As an aside, when Dan saw the one I picked out, he said, “He can’t use that one.”  I asked why and he replied that it was the first tie I had ever given him.  He didn’t want anything to happen to it.  I just love that man o’ mine!)

Anyway… We got the outfit assembled.  I asked Trevor if he had his student ID (also required for the dance).  He said yes. I figured my work in getting him ready for this momentous occasion was done… the boy was as ready as he was ever going to be.

Or so I thought, until this morning.  When he realized that he couldn’t find his ticket.  Yes, that would be the same ticket that I (in my infinite wisdom) told him to put someplace safe.

He spent an entire day allegedly looking for the ticket in his room.  He never did find it.  But a half an hour before he was supposed to meet his date and other friends for dinner, one of the friends whose mom works at the school told him that if he brought his student ID, he would still be able to get in.

He starts rifling through his room in a panic.  I gently reminded him that he told me he had his student ID.  “I do have it,” he says. “I’m just not sure where it is!”

He finds the ID and realizes that he cannot locate his cash.  He has now received two phone calls from his friends (who are already at the restaurant and seated).

“Mom, can you loan me some money?” he asks.

“No, honey.”

“Why not?”

“Because I think this has the potential to be an excellent learning experience for you.”

(exasperated yowl)

After several (frustrating for him, amusing for me) minutes, he locates his money and is at long last ready to leave.

And then, just when I think he and Dan are on their way out the door so he can get to the restaurant where his friends have been waiting for him…

Dan comes back and asks me if I know where his keys are.



  1. TOOO Funny! both yer men! ❤

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