Works for Me Wednesday: Ten Coupon Tips

September 23, 2009

I posted this on Facebook in response to a friends request for money-saving grocery hints.

(1) I keep my coupons in alphabetical order — makes them easier to find when I catch a sale on something.

(2) If there is a BOGO special, you can use TWO coupons for that item, not just one.

(3) If I see a coupon for something I don’t use but might be able to save a lot on, I usually clip it anyway. I got paid to take 5 Suave deodorants from the grocery store one time — it isn’t the brand I use, but I can donate them to a shelter.

(4) If there is a coupon for something I use or something that I buy regularly, I sometimes buy additional coupons at http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com.

(5) Ask folks you know who get coupons (even if they clip them too) to save their unwanted/unused ones for you.

(6) Go through the box at the dentist”s office while you’re waiting and take any that you might be able to use.   (We have the same dentist.)

(7) Know the store’s coupon/price match policy.  One local store will accept coupons that you print off the internet but the other won’t. Both stores double coupons up to 99 cents.

(8) Always grab the flyer for the sales and go through that before going o the store. Sometimes the stores print coupons in their flyers.

(9) MAKE SURE YOU GET THE ADVERTISED PRICE! I have had terrible luck with one store in particular being dodgy about their specials — two flavors of an item will be on sale but the third flavor won’t. Watch the display as your items are scanned and go over your receipt (preferably before leaving the store) to make sure you got the deals you were supposed to get. And finally,

(10) whenever possible, do your grocery shopping without the kids in tow. You will buy less and be able to think more clearly when comparing prices.


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