September 19, 2009

There are exactly 16 zoos in the United States that do not charge admission.  I am blessed to live within driving distance of two of those zoos.  One, of course, is the National Zoo in Washington DC.  But the other is a tiny little zoo which is much closer to home.

Today my friend Joanne visited from PA and, as she had three kids with her and I had Sophia, we decided to go to the smaller, closer zoo.  Both of us had been to the zoo when we were kids, and it had been a long time since either of us had last visited there. (Longer for her since she lives farther away now.)

We had such a good time.  The weather was perfect, the animals were enjoying themselves, and best of all, I got to see the zoo through a friend’s eyes.  It wasn’t until she was going on about how the zoo had “grown up” and how nice it was that I realized what a treasure it is.


prairie dog 2


monkey 2

rhea 3

Our little zoo is delightful, and yet I hardly ever visit there.  Likewise, when I lived in Washington DC I hardly ever visited the Smithsonian and the monuments.  Why?  Does close proximity make it seem less fun?

Look around you — there are likely some local treasures that you have overlooked as well!  🙂


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