I Hate Dusting

August 9, 2009

Dusting is one of those chores that I dread doing, and as a result, I don’t do it very often. I mean, it seems so … pointless. And I can come up with plenty of good reasons not to do it. 1) my husband has too much clutter just lying around for me to have to move all of it to dust. 2) when I dust, it aggravates my allergies. 3) If you don’t touch the surface that needs dusting, you can’t really tell that it needs dusting.

Nevertheless, when I do finally get around to whipping out the Pledge and cloth diaper (i.e., when we are expecting company), I have been known to take a few shortcuts.  For instance, dusting in front of the television (where dust is visible) but not the back (where no one can see it).  Or dusting around objects (clutter) instead of moving them all.

So when I came home from a busy weekend in Washington DC and started reviewing my pictures from our trip to the National Gallery of Art, I squealed with glee when I saw this one:

chest 1

Do you see that?  Here’s a better look:

chest 2

Someone at the National Gallery of Art is using my method of dusting!  I am not alone!  🙂


One comment

  1. That is hilarious! I’m right with you on the dusting thing…my least favorite chore. Unfortunately, it is one in which the kids are eager to help, and I sometimes end up with a thick layer of polish on the surface of the furniture, which I then have to even out. Good thing it only happens once a quarter or so.

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