Just Plain Wrong.

July 20, 2009

While in Columbus, we went to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).  It has been ranked as the best Science/Children’s Museum in the US by Parents Magazine, and I could easily see why.  It was big, it was fun, and the exhibits were particularly well done.

At the end of our day-long visit to COSI, we stopped in the gift shop for the requisite souvenirs.  There were so many cool/unique things to try out or look at.  Venus Flytrap plants, magnetic toys, backyard science kits, etc.  And tee shirts, of course.  Funny-in-a-geeky-kind-of-way tee shirts.

For instance, there was a shirt that, on first glance, appeared to be the Periodic Table of Elements.  On closer inspection, however, you could see that it listed not chemical elements, but texting codes and definitions.

Noodle must have  really studied it, because she pointed out to me the following:

tee typo

Do you see that?!?!  The definition for “def?”  It is misspelled!

Now really, COSI.  I expect better from a brainy place like you.  All together now:






  1. Definitely is one of those words that even the most intelligent people misspell. Always with that a…always.

  2. I agree, even though it should have been caught, I spell that one wrong all the time!! Thank goodness for autocorrect function in Word.

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