Thursday 13: The last thirteen days, or why I’m on the verge

June 18, 2009


  1. June 5 – I take Daisy to the vet to have pre-surgical blood work done because after being on this earth nearly 10 years, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get her teeth cleaned.  I nearly faint when they tell me that the charge for bloodwork is just over $100.  In the evening, we attend Sophia’s school carnival, which is held indoors due to rain.  There’s nothing like being in a school gymnasium filled with two large inflatable amusements and about 100 yelling, squealing children.  I leave with a headache.  Back at home,  I totally lose my cool when I receive an email from MIL stating that she is “disappointed” that I haven’t provided her with turn-by-turn directions to the location of Sophia’s birthday party.  She says she will just have to drive from one end of the road to the other.  I say that there’s a great direction-finding tool that is free and available to everyone called Google.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it? I inquire with snarky anger.
  2. June 6 – Sophia’s birthday party at a local farm.  I forget to bring my checkbook, so I can’t pay the lady who hosted the party.  Fortunately, one of my friends offers to pay for it and let me give her a check to reimburse her.
  3. June 7 – I’m hosting a Chinese theme party for our church cell group and other friends.  Clean the house, decorate, and fix crab rangoon, which I have never made before.
  4. June 8 – Kept nodding off while at work.  Fortunately, no one caught me.  In the evening, just when it looked as if we are going to have a normal night and everyone would be going to bed on time, we have the bunny incident.
  5. June  9 – I leave work for about an hour to attend the first grade awards ceremony at Sophia’s school.  Arrive wet due to the torrential downpour we seem to be experiencing EVERY. OTHER. DAY.  Bummed that Sophia wasn’t chosen as best reader in her grade because I can’t believe anyone is a better reader than her.  (Hey, I’m the first to admit I’m biased.)  In the evening, there is a Girl Scout meeting.
  6. June 10 – Sneak out of work a few minutes early to rush over to my dad’s appt with his radiologist.  (His appt time was 2:30; I don’t get off work until 3:00.)  I arrive just as he is walking out.  Good news is that swelling around his brain tumor has gone down.  Bad news is that the tumor itself hasn’t really gotten smaller and probably won’t.  In the evening, we attend a VBS kickoff celebration at our church.
  7. June 11 – Drop off Daisy at the vet at 7:30 AM for her dental cleaning.  It’s the last day of school.  I take the kids to see “UP” to celebrate.  Then we pick up Daisy, who has lost her meow as a result of surgery, but no longer has breath that could knock you out from six feet away.  Dinner out with grandparents to celebrate Trevor’s birthday.  MIL manages to find the restuarant without any difficulty.  I resist the urge to give her a standing ovation.
  8. June 12 – Trevor’s birthday — he’s 15.   He has invited friends over for a party.  I shop for 15 hungry teenage boys.  Three show up.  I decide that the RSVP is officially a thing of the past.
  9. June 13 –  I spend 2 hours working on year-end paperwork for Girl Scouts.  It was due May 1.  I still haven’t turned it in.  I also spend a few hours trying to figure out why a check bounced when Quicken says I have money in my account.  Finally determined that there was a $1200 deposit entered in Quicken that never took place in real life.  Oooops.
  10. June 14 – Girl Scouts bridging ceremony.  Our Daisies are becoming Brownies — yay!  I am one of the last people to arrive, which really isn’t good because I am the troop leader.  Yikes.
  11. June 15 – First day at work since school got out.  Sophia gives me a bedtime guilt trip… “Why do you have to go to work, Mommy?   Why can’t you just stay home with me?  We never get to do anything fun any more.”  Et cetera.
  12. June 16 – stayed up late to finish watching a Clive Owen movie (The International), which I did not even like!
  13. June 17 – yard work in the morning since it’s unseasonably cool.  I still sweat profusely while yanking up ivy and chopping down shrubbery at one end of our house.  Then it’s off to an appointment for Trevor to get an impression for his FIFTH retainer, because he lost his FOURTH one.  Take kids to the park, where an unfortunate swing accident leaves me with a skinned knee for the first time in 30-odd years.  Also, in the evening, a quarterly business meeting at church.


  1. You might want to put the word, breathe in between this insanity lol Man, I’m tired just reading this.
    Happy T13!

  2. Ahhh…kids….
    When does school start 🙂


  3. that’ll do it for me too !1sandy

  4. After reading this I no longer feel worthy of saying I’m tired this morning.

  5. Wow! Your last couple of weeks have left me exhausted! Happy TT!

  6. Happy TT, wear that scraped knee proudly young girl! No one can accuse you of being an old-fuddy-duddy now! 🙂 You have official earned that vacation coming up. Have you hired a driver so you all can sleep on the way?

  7. Ghads… I’ve been having a few weeks like this myself. Let’s hope things are looking calmer in the near future. happy TT!

  8. #8…I’m right there with ya…drives me CRAZY! I hope Trevor and his friends had a good time anyway.

    #5…Pemberton doesn’t even give awards like “best reader.” The kids all generally earn the same awards. They don’t give perfect attendance either, (Emily was quite disappointed as she earned it this year!) as now they earn “Outstanding Attendance.”

    Girl, you HAVE been busy! Does your family do anything special for the 4th of July? Would they miss you if you were gone that weekend? I haven’t talked to Glenn yet, but I have a scrap weekend idea brewing…nice and local, you could still make fireworks etc, with the family…I’ll give you a call…

  9. Lisa, that sounds wonderful, but I’ll be traveling back from Ohio on July 4. 😦

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