Retirement Planning, My Way

June 16, 2009

So, last week in the midst of all the chaos, I received one of those get-to-know-your-friends-better-by-answering-random-questions emails from an unexpected source:  the 70+ year old woman in my Bible study group.

I was so blown away that she was participating — let alone propagating — such a thing, I just had to respond.  I sent her my responses, and also sent it on to my two dearest friends — Noodle and Suzanne.  I’m sure that they are as sick as I am of receiving those questionnaires, but we always seem to complete them anyway.

One of the questions was, “Where would you like to retire?”  I hesitated about  one whole nanosecond before I typed in my answer:  England.

When Noodle sent me her responses, she had also put England.  (We’re hopeless Anglophiles, she and I.)

So I dashed off a quick email and said, “Hey, if our husbands predecease us, how about we buy a cottage in the English countryside and retire together there?”

And she agreed.

Now, I don’t know if she knew just how serious I was… but I was totally serious.  I’m thinking somewhere like that adorable place that Cameron Diaz stayed at in the movie “The Holiday:”


We’ll have a small room overflowing with our favorite books, an herb garden, brass pots hanging in the kitchen, a rustic stone fireplace, and a pet or two to keep us company. We’ll keep our Wellingtons by the door and drink hot tea every afternoon.

After a few years we will lose our respective twangs and begin speaking a sort of Americanized British… like Madonna, although less pretentious. We will eagerly use words like flat instead of apartment, lift instead of elevator, and queue instead of line.   Although I doubt that either of us would stop saying, “Hey!” or “y’all,” no matter how long we lived there.

*sigh*   Sounds great, doesn’t it?



  1. It sounds wonderful! A bit like my own dream world.

  2. I am so for it. Seriously! 🙂 Countryside, definitely. Maybe East Anglia.

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