Booking Through Thursday: Niche Reading

June 11, 2009

There are certain types of books that I more or less assume all readers read. (Novels, for example.) But then there are books that only YOU read. Instructional manuals for fly-fishing. How-to books for spinning yarn. How to cook the perfect souffle. Rebuilding car engines in three easy steps. Dog training for dummies. Rewiring your house without electrocuting yourself. Tips on how to build a NASCAR course in your backyard. Stuff like that. What niche books do YOU read?

I don’t read many how-to books, and I’m notoriously bad about not reading manuals.  However, I love history books, specifically those dedicated to the subject of Tudor kings & queens.  Even more specifically, I am drawn to reading about Elizabeth I and her dad, Henry VIII.  I have an entire 6′ tall  bookshelf filled with nothing but books about the Tudors, nearly all of which I’ve read.


  1. LoL! I think that’s funny. I’ve been meaning to pick up something like that but I never find any that draw me in!

    Happy Btt!
    I played too!

  2. I love anything about history too!

  3. History and the Tudors a always interesting! Here are mine: (1) and (2)

  4. I love historical fiction, but except for WWII I haven’t really gotten into any particular time period.

  5. I’ve also been keen on Tudor history, as well as Marian, but in recent years, I’ve had a more Ricardian bent.

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