Broken Bunny

June 9, 2009

Last night after we finished dinner, we went next door to visit our elderly neighbors.  We used to visit them at least once a week but we have been so busy and overwhelmed lately that we just haven’t had time.  A few days ago, Mr. Neighbor called to ask if Dan was upset with him because he hadn’t been by to visit in a while.  So we moved them to the top of the priority list.  They’re in their 80s and enjoy having company, especially since their children and grandchildren live so far away.

Anyway, on the way home, I cut through our yard while Dan and the kids walked on the street.  As I was entering our house, I heard Trevor yell something about a cat and take off toward it.  I figured it was nothing unusual, so I went inside to get Sophia’s toothbrush ready for her since it was past her bedtime.

The next thing I know, Sophia comes running into the house yelling, “Mom!  Come quick!  It’s a baby bunny!  Come quick!”  She was so worked up she was nearly incoherent, but I followed her out the door, barefoot, into our driveway.

There, indeed, was a tiny little rabbit.  He was injured — a bloody spot on the top of his head and misaligned ears.  He was struggling to move, but determined to do so… although I don’t think he had any idea where to go.

I scooped him up in my hands to take a better look at him.  The poor thing was just a baby… he fit right in the palm of my hand.   He was scared, but he didn’t struggle or try to get free from my grasp.

I had no idea what to do next… so I did what I’ve done before in these situations.  I called my mom.  She suggested putting the bunny in a box with a towel and seeing if he made it through the night.  I sent Trevor inside to get the cat carrier and towels.  Sophia went in to get food for the bunny.  Dan was already inside.   I stood there, talking to my mom and watching the bunny to make sure I didn’t lose sight of him in the increasing darkness.

Trevor came out with the cat carrier.  Inside was a jumbled up wad of Viva paper towels.  I guess I should have specified CLOTH towels.  Sophia came out after him, crying and upset, carrying an empty yogurt cup with bits of carrots and broccoli in it.

I got the bunny in the carrier and he immediately scrambled to the far end, hiding under the towels.  We went inside to assess the situation.

Dan was caught off guard by this.  Moreover, he was concerned that we would awake in the morning to find the bunny dead and that lots of DRAMA would ensue on the part of our resident animal lover/diva.  I asked Sophia how she would feel if the bunny died during the night, whereupon the floodgates opened and she started crying again.

Sophia and Dan decided it would be best to take the bunny to an alternate location (i.e., my mom’s house) and see if he made it through the night.  I called my mom and asked if that would be okay.  Bless her heart, even though she was sick and had a fever, she said come on over.  She’s been tending to him since then.

As of this writing (11:30 am Tuesday), bunny is still alive and is even eating a little.  He is having trouble moving, though, particularly in his hind quarters.  I called the vet to see if they would take a look at him.  They said yes.  Then they informed me that the usual charge for a rabbit office visit is $80.

Good grief.  Sometimes it’s hard to have a soft heart.

UPDATE:  The bunny has passed away.



  1. And now I know the rest of the story…

  2. Oh my the pains of caring for the little creatures around us. How wonderful you cared and did your best. At least he went “over the rainbow bridge” being loved.

  3. Oh … so sad. I am too tenderhearted for my own good in that type of situation as well 😦 I will never forget a couple of years ago when we found HALF a baby bunny, along with another whole one, dead in our garden. We were all so sad and had a little funeral! RIP to your little creature.

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