Menu Plan Monday: June 8-14, 2009

June 8, 2009

Comments on last week’s menu: We didn’t have movie night last Friday because I’d forgotten that it was Sophia’s school carnival night.  We’ll do it this week instead.  The Loaded BBQ Potato Casserole was awesome; we all loved it!  For our Chinese party on Sunday, I made crab rangoon.  It was quite tasty, and also very easy to make.

Monday — With all of the activity this past weekend, I haven’t yet had a chance to go grocery shopping.  I’m thawing some ground turkey and I’ll fix spaghetti for dinner.

Tuesday — Girl Scout meeting, so I will be providing dinner for the troop.

Wednesday — our church is having a VBS Kickoff Celebration that includes a cookout.

Thursday — we are dining out at the restaurant of Trevor’s choice in honor of his 15th birthday (man, that makes me feel old!)

Friday — Trevor is having some friends over for a birthday party; Dan is chaperoning.  Sophia and I will have pizza and watch Hotel for Dogs.

Saturday — I’m going to make Chicken Chesapeake; serving it with baked potato and broccoli.

Sunday — leftovers or snacking.


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