Works for Me Wednesday: Lunchables

June 3, 2009

A week or two ago, Sophia told me something that I’d been dreading to hear:

“Mom, can you get me Lunchables for school?”

Ugh.  Lunchables (just in case you haven’t heard of or seen them) are pre-packaged lunch kits for kids.  They usually contain a stack of small cheese slices, a stack of small cold cut slices, crackers, a juice box, and a small piece of candy.  They usually sell for $2 to $3 a piece.

“No,” I told her.  “But maybe I can make you one.  Would you like me to try?”

Thankfully, she nodded her head with excitement rather than insisting on the Brand Name, mass manufactured version.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would pull this off while convincing my daughter that it was every bit as cool as the ones she had seen the other kids have.  But I had a set of small cookie cutters, and that seemed a good place to start:


Note the variety of pretty shapes…  I could do a different theme each day!  On this particular day I chose the butterfly.

Then I took out some cheese and some turkey breast.  I got four butterflies from the slice of cheese and I made about twice as much from the turkey.  Then I put some Ritz crackers in a snack size baggie (so the moisture from the meat and cheese didn’t make them soggy, added a juice box and… voila! a home-made Lunchable. I figure it cost me 75 cents or less for all of it.


The verdict?  She loved it and has asked me to pack that for her every day since then.



  1. Awesome idea!! I just might have to try that for lunch one day this week!!

  2. The lunchables are dreadful all the way around. A much nicer idea! Thanks!

  3. Here’s our spin on lunchables…
    Start with a rubbermaid sandwich container
    and festive (or not) cupcake liners. Place 4 liners in container and fill with lunchmeat, crackers, carrots, cookies, grapes, etc…If you really want to increase the wow factor, include a tiny piece of candy…starburst, kiss, laffy taffy, etc…Place lid on top and you’re good to go! I think this was passed along to me via WFMW last year.

  4. What a great idea. I don’t have a school aged child but I think my two year old would love this.

  5. But my kids don’t want the cracker ones. 🙂 They want the pizza ones – stuff like that. This working mom buys them sometimes as a treat, but generally we make other things. If your daughter does notice the pizza ones, one thing I make for my kids are pizza kabobs. I thread turkey pepperoni and mozerella cheese on toothpicks, and include a small container with marinara sauce in it. They really like those!

  6. My kids beg for lunchables once in awhile too, I will need to try this tip and make our own! How fun!!!

  7. Cuteness!


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