Daddy Creates a Disaster

June 1, 2009

I spent all day Saturday on a bus trip to New York City.  Got up at 4:00 am, left on the bus at 5:00 am, and didn’t get back home until 12:30 am Sunday.

Between the extra long day and the amount of time we spent walking all over the city, I was quite tired when my head hit the pillow.  I slept long and hard, and I didn’t wake up until nearly 11:30 Sunday morning.  Dan and Sophia had already left for church at that point, and I hadn’t even wakened up long enough to say hello/goodbye.

When they returned from church around 12:45, I got an exuberant hello from Sophia.  After hugs and kisses and a few questions about the trip, her expression changed to one of total seriousness (with a hint of melodrama).

“Mom.  Look at my hair.”

She had two lopsided pony tails, both sagging quite low.  Tufts of hair had fallen out of the pink elastic band and hung willy-nilly around her face.  Not unlike this photo from 2006.

“What about your hair, sweetheart?” I asked, although I had a feeling I knew what she was talking about.

“It’s a disaster.”  She lingered on the word and her lower lip protruded in a little pout.  “Daddy took me to church looking like this.  AND he didn’t even brush it!”

It was then I realized that the pony tails were the same ones that I had put in her hair on Friday morning.  Good grief.  A disaster, indeed!


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