“Busy” Doesn’t Seem Adequate

May 19, 2009


It’s May.

While I would love to launch into a rendition of the show tune from “Camelot,” the truth of the matter is that May is a horrendously busy month for us.  Witness the fact that it’s taken me 18 days into the month to write a post about how busy we are.

I looked at my calendar a week or so ago, and I realized that we do not have a free weekend until mid-July.  Mid-July, people!  That is two months from now!

In addition to traditional May activities (Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, end of year school and Girl Scout activities), we also have my dad’s birthday on May 29.  We hardly get a breather when we hurtle forward into June and celebrate two more birthdays — Sophia on 6/2 and Trevor on 6/12.  Then there’s Father’s Day.

And for some crazy reason, I decided to schedule our family vacation for the following week.  Good news:  we will need a vacation.  Bad news:  I might just be too tired to fully enjoy it.

That takes us into July, where we celebrate  Independence Day, closely followed by Dan’s birthday on 7/6.

And then?  Then I think I might spend the rest of the summer doing absolutely nothing.


  1. So, you need a day at the beach…how bout the middle of July with us?? 🙂

  2. […] door to visit our elderly neighbors.  We used to visit them at least once a week but we have been so busy and overwhelmed lately that we just haven’t had time.  A few days ago, Mr. Neighbor called to ask if Dan was […]

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