Bring in da’ noise, bring in da’ grump

May 15, 2009

Whoo, boy!  Have I been  grumpy this week!

I can’t pinpoint an exact cause of the grumpiness.  Certainly not sleeping well has been part of it.  Being overwhelmed with work and home responsibilities, not to mention a crazy schedule that changes DAILY, are also to blame.  (Today’s to-do list has 11 things on it.  Eleven!  In one day!  And it’s supposed to be my day off.  Hah!)

In light of my current grumpiness, it proably wasn’t a good idea for me to go to Goodwill this evening during their “Midnight Madness” everything is half off sale.

See, I have a love-hate relationship with our Goodwill store.  They price things way too high, they write the prices on everything with a Sharpie, and they can be quite difficult about the simplest of things.  Normally, I would have skipped the sale, which IMHO falls in the category of More Trouble Than It’s Worth.  But this time I had to go because earlier in the day I had seen the most wonderful twin size head board that would solve some of the storage/space challenges we face in Sophia’s room.  It was (ridiculously) priced $30 when I saw it that afternoon.  I wanted to get it but since I knew that in just a few hours it would be $15, I decided to come back just before “Midnight Madness” started.

It was still there!  Dan and I figured out how to load it in the cart, then we perused the store for other potential bargains.  Finally, I got up to the checkout.  My total was $38 and some change.  I handed the cashier my $5 off $25 coupon (printed on the back of a grocery store receipt), whereupon she told me that they don’t accept coupons during sale events.

Anticipating such a problem, I had read the coupon’s fine print about three times while I stood in line.  There was no expiration date.  There were no exclusions.  I pointed this out to her (more calmly and nicely than anyone would have expected, given my recent level of grumpiness), and she said to me:

Well, if you’re going to be like that, I guess we will take it.

Normally, I might have said, “Never mind, I will use your silly coupon later.”  (Maybe I would have…. nah, I doubt it.)  I wanted to say, “Oh, no you didn’t!” in my sassiest voice.  What I ended up saying was, “Well, yes, I AM going to be like that.”

I got my $5 discount, the headboard for Sophia’s room, the basket full of junk that Dan and the kids picked out, and we left.

Pfffffbt.  So there.



  1. I was wondering if you went back to get the headboard! Glad it was still there. It sounds to me like you were being assertive, not nasty, as far as the coupon goes…good for you.

  2. I admire the self restraint, especially in grumpy mode! Good bargain shopping!!

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