Three Loud Gasps

May 4, 2009

There have been exactly three times when I have watched a show on television and been so stunned by the events that I let out a very loud gasp of shock.

Loud Gasp #1: the year was 1985, the show was General Hospital, and the location was the all-female floor of a college dorm.   Ginny tearfully confessed to her husband that she had killed Brock.  A collective gasp went throughout the dorm, followed by doors opening and young women rushing out into the hall shouting, “Did you see that?!?!?!”

Loud Gasp #2: the year was 1994, the show was All My Children, and the location was the employee lunch room where I worked.  I at lunch at 1:00 every day and watched All My Children on a small Sony Watchman with headphones.  I was pregnant with Trevor at the time.  I was watching a scene where Erica Kane angrily confronted her husband Dimitri Marick,  I was prepared for the confrontation.  I was NOT, however, prepared to see her grab a letter opener off the desk and stab him with it.  I gasped in shock again (and subsequently made my co-workers think I had gone into premature labor).

Loud Gasp #3: the year was 2009, the show was Dollhouse, and the location was my desk in the den (because I can never seem to get my act together by 9:00 on a Friday evening, I usually end up watching the show via Hulu on Saturday).  It is nearly the end of episode 13, in which we have seen Alan Tudyk (of Firefly fame) portraying a completely neurotic, pot-growing genius.  He leads Paul Ballard (former FBI agent) into the Dollhouse, then sets about hacking into the computer system.   When he finishes and exits the office, he is confronted by Dr. Saunders and Victor.  Dr. Saunders says, “Alpha!” just before he slashes Victor’s face.  I gasp and nearly fall off my chair.  If you watch Dollhouse, you probably had a similar reaction because it was simply not possible to see that coming.  If you don’t watch Dollhouse, well… you just don’t know what you’re missing.


One comment

  1. I gasped out loud big time too on that episode of dollhouse! I did not see that coming at all. At first I wasn’t that wild about the show, but I’m glad I’ve kept watching it (oh hulu.com as well).

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