Menu Plan Monday: April 27 – May 3, 2009

April 27, 2009

Comments on last week’s menu: I didn’t do much cooking last week, and only tried one new recipe — the Spaghettini Carbonara Tartlets.  They were good, but because I really love pasta carbonara, I found them somewhat lacking in comparison.

Monday Turkey Manicotti, at Sophia’s request.  Serving it with Caesar salad and garlic bread.

Tuesday Crock Pot pork roast with gravy, served with mixed veggies and, at Dan’s request, German potato dumplings.

Wednesday — chicken sandwiches, ovne fries, baked beans

Thursday — We have a late afternoon appt immediately followed by PTA/teacher conferences at Trevor’s school.  Dinner will either be very a rushed affair in between the two or after we’re done with everything.  Either way, we’re hitting fast food.

Friday — Family movie night.  We will enjoy light fare and watch The Muppets Wizard of Oz.

Saturday — Since I’m taking requests this week, I will also be fixing chicken and rice for Trevor.  Serving it with broccoli.

Sunday — leftovers or snacking.



  1. Great menu this week, especially the pork roast!

  2. […] on last week’s menu: I didn’t fix a single new thing last week.  How […]

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