Thursday 13: Great Photo Sites

March 12, 2009

I’ve been composing this list of 13 great photo sites for a while… and now that I’ve finally collected 13 links to share, the Thursday 13 site appears to have disappeared! I don’t know what happened to it, but I’m still calling this “Thursday 13.” If you’ve done a Thursday 13 list this week, feel free to share your link in the comments!

  1. The Big Picture — a composite of some of the best photographs I’ve ever seen.  Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, the site has a new set of photos to enjoy.  Recent themes have included the Olympics opening ceremony, the solar eclipse, pictures of Jupiter and its moons, and more.  They are all breathtaking and amazing.
  2. Ten Ways to Look Good in Photos — a list of things you can do to improve the way you look in photos.  All of them are very simple and they do work!
  3. Picdit — another site that features themed collections of photos.  Some are bizarre, some are beautiful.
  4. Jessica Claire — she takes awesome photos of people, mostly for weddings and engagements.  Since I find people one of the hardest subjects to photograph, I can’t help but marvel at her work.
  5. Self-Portrait Challenge (old site) and Self Portrait Challenge at Flickr (new temporary site).  The creative ways in which people interpret the monthly themes never fails to amaze me.
  6. Photo Friday — A weekly one-word theme that always results in fantastic photo submissions.
  7. National Geographic Photo of the Day — if you’ve ever looked at a National Geographic magazine, you’ll know why this is here.
  8. Daily Dose of Imagery — one picture a day.  Makes me want to grab my camera and roam the streets.
  9. Earth from Above — beautiful scenery presented in a way that most of us don’t get to see
  10. Photo.net — another great site that not only has awesome photos to look at, but also has equipment reviews, how-to articles, and forums.
  11. The Everyman Photo Contest Gallery — peruse the best photos taken by non-professionals in their gallery.  Then enter your own!
  12. Worth 1000 — if you’re into editing images, this is the site for you.  Loads of images transformed into something funny or bizarre.
  13. Flickr’s Interestingness:  Last 7 Days — A random collection of interesting photos from the last week.  Hit Reload for a new set of photos.  They’re fabulous!

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