I Need a Witness

March 10, 2009

It’s a well known fact that I tend to be a bit, um, overzealous when it comes to organization and planning and… well,, pretty much all things structured.

One of the things that I love about Noodle is that she is so very much like me, yet so radically different from me.  We understand each other perfectly, have similar interests, and generally find the same things funny.  However, she is more of a loosey goosey, spur of the moment person whereas I tend to run on detailed schedules.

Which is to say that when we travel together, it makes for an interesting dynamic.  Our trip to Kentucky last year was wonderful, but there were a few occasions when, I will admit, I gnashed my teeth because we didn’t have A PLAN.

*Gasp*  I know!  I felt like a fish out of water.

Each morning we would meet for breakfast and chat, then try to decide what to do with the rest of the day, head back up to the rooms for something or other, finish getting ready, and finally meet in the parking lot to depart for our destination.  As a result, we didn’t get anywhere much before lunchtime.

But it was Noodle’s show, and I was just along for the ride.  Plus, I have to say, getting a late start meant that we didn’t overdo it much.

In stark contrast to this type of vacation are Vacations by Julie, where each day is planned in advance (and tickets are purchased in advance if at all possible).  Less time spent in indecision and waiting in line means more time for F-U-N.

Or exhaustion. Depends on your outlook.  🙂

Well, Noodle and I are planning to take a vacation trip again this summer.  I’ve been dying to ask her about the planning aspect of it, and tonight while I was bored witless at a Girl Scout Leader meeting, I did.  Here’s our text message transcript:

ME: Girl Scouts is sucking the life right out of me.  Not sure if I will do this again next year.

NOODLE: We didn’t this year.  Promised we would next year though.

ME: Hope your group is more together than mine.

NOODLE: That’s why we stayed out this year.  It wasn’t!

ME: I guess my problem is that I want to be in charge because I know I could do it better.  LOL

NOODLE: ROFL!!  You probably could.

ME: (not texting, just thinking)  What does she mean, probably?!?!

ME: (now texting) Oh, that reminds me…  how much planning do you want me to do for the trip?  ‘Cause I can go whole hog if you let me.  LOL

NOODLE: It’s your baby this time.  Plan away.  🙂


NOODLE: LOL!!  I knew you would like that!

So, let the record show that I have permission to plan to my heart’s content.  However, I will try to restrain myself as much as possible for the sake of my friends.  🙂



  1. At least your previous trip’s hostess didn’t fall asleep on you!!! Don’t forget to plan in those down times. 🙂 Have fun.

  2. EEK!! I will put a note in my calendar to get extra sleep before! LOL!

  3. […] Gloriana The heart and stomach of a king. « Thursday 13: The last thirteen days, or why I’m on the verge My Great Big File of Fun (A Post for Noodle’s Amusement) June 24, 2009 So, we have this vacation coming up.  A vacation which I have very much earned, I might add.  It is also a vacation that we are taking with my friend Noodle and her family.  Noodle has graciously allowed me to do all the plannig for this trip. […]

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