Waiting Game & Sound Advice

March 7, 2009

Every Sunday morning, we have breakfast with my father.  Fortunately, the restaurant has paper placemats for the kids to doodle and write on while we wait for our food.  Sometimes I do too.

One of the games that I like to play is words within a word… you know, take a long word and see how many words you can find in it.  I guess Sophia has seen me do this often enough that she decided to do it herself the other day.  She wrote “Christmas” at the top and started jotting down the words she could find using those letters.

When she had about five or so words written down, Trevor decided he would play too.  Using the same word.  Sophia saw him writing “Christmas” on his placemat and she reprimanded him before he’d even begun:

“No using any of my words!  Use your own brain!”

Out of the mouths of babes….


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