March 6, 2009

I was catching up on some stories that I only half paid attention to this morning when I ran across this article from a month ago.

My initial reaction?  I was generally horrified at the whole thing.  But as I let the details sink in, it brought to mind several specific questions and concerns:

  1. Why did I not hear about this a month ago?  I am by no means a news junkie, but I stay fairly well informed about what’s going on in the world.  Certainly a story of this matgnitude would have generated at least a little buzz.  Or were we all too busy discussing Octo-mom?  I used to despise the right wing conservatives who were always blathering on about the liberal-biased media, but instances like this make me wonder… did this story get buried because it would raise the ire of the anti-abortion advocates?
  2. If we are horrified that someone would kill a baby, why aren’t we equally horrified that the very same baby was going to be killed via abortion anyway?  The baby was going to die that day, whether it be inside the womb or out.  Which leads me to…
  3. What is a 23 week old fetus like, anyway?  Is it viable outside the womb?  The baby can hear sounds now, its lungs are developing, it is the size of a small baby doll.  If you don’t mind graphic photos, click here to see what a 24 week old aborted fetus looks like.  It’s shocking, to say the least.  This baby had a small but real chance of survival if it had been allowed to live.  And finally…
  4. How can we call ourselves a civilized nation if we allow such atrocities to take place?


  1. Why didn’t we hear about it?? It is just so sad the lack of respect for life that continues even in our so-called civil-ization. Just yet another example

  2. This was posted on SBYnews last month. Keep your ears open for talk of the partial birth abortion ban coming up for discussion again. So much for the claim that women that abort this late only do it in cases of health issues with the baby or if the mother’s health is in jeopardy. This instance clearly shows doctors will perform these late term abortions for convenience. It’s sickening.

  3. And the answer to your first question is “Absolutely.”

  4. I was born at 24 weeks.

  5. its so sad that a baby doesnt get a life its so sad

  6. my cousin was born at 24 weeks and he is 3 now

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