A Letter from Ethiopia

February 23, 2009

I recently received a Christmas letter from the Compassion child I sponsor in Ethiopia.  It was much shorter than the last letter I received, but once again she let me know that she was able to receive many items (stationery, soap, school uniform and more soaps) with the small monetary gift I sent.

Feteya also included a photograph.  There is a large 6 on the table and there is a fancy backdrop, so I assume it is a  birthday photo from June.   What a difference from the scared looking girl in the first photo I received!

At the time of my sponsorship, Feteya looked like this:

And now, after a year or so receiving much needed care and attention via financial assistance:


It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl! It’s easy to see that I have made a difference in this girl’s life.  Not quite so immediately obvious is that she has made a difference in my life as well.

I used to think that world poverty was too big a problem to tackle, that it could never be eradicated.   Moreover, I resented that America was expected to give less developed nations “a handout,” whether government to government or citizen to citizen.

Now, my heart is so tender for these impoverished children I would sponsor them all if I could.  A little bit of our money goes such a long way toward improving their lives.

If you can spare just $1 a day, please visit Compassion and sponsor a child today.  There are so many children in so many countries who could benefit from your help.


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