Remember that eye for detail thing?

February 18, 2009

Well, it reared its ugly head again while I was touring the Smithsonian on Monday.  We were at the end of an exhibit, in a large room with Stanley, the race-winning robot car, and all I could really focus on was this:


Why would such an odd looking contraption interest me, you may wonder.  Well, because it is on display in one of the finest museums in the world and yet no one bothered to correct the spelling on it before putting it there for millions to see.

Zero balace when finished

At first, I was in denial.  Balace?  “Hey,” I asked my friends.  “Is there such a word as balace?”  I figured maybe it was a technical term that was over my liberal arts head.  After all, it was in a room with a self-driving robotic car.

We consulted with each other briefly and decided that nope, it was just your garden variety misspelling.

On display for the entire world to see at the Smithsonian Institution!


I’m sure there’s some excuse like “preserving historical integrity” as to why they didn’t correct it.  But if it were me, I would have had to grab a Sharpie and stick that N in there where it belongs.

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