Works for Me Wednesday: Netflix Tips

February 11, 2009

I make no secret of my love for Netflix.  It has enabled me to see all of the cool TV shows I would otherwise be clueless about, have a wide variety of movies to choose from for our Friday Family Movie Night, and discover shows & movies I would otherwise never have found.

There are a few “tricks” I use to make the most of my Netflix subscription, so I figured I would share them for the WFMW this week.

  1. Save new releases. As soon as I see a movie advertised that looks intriguing, I “save” it.  The movie hasn’t even been released to the theatres yet, but it has a Netflix listing.  Putting it in my queue keeps me from forgetting about it.  If I manage to get to the theatre to see it (hah!  Like that would ever happen!), I remove it from the queue.  If I don’t, it automatically goes into my queue when it is released on DVD.
  2. Use the #1 position as a placeholder. When a DVD gets bumped from “Saved Movies” to the regular queue, there is a release date listed on the right hand side, usually a few weeks away.  If it is a movie that I am just chomping at the bit to see, I will bump it up to the #1 position in my queue even before it’s released.  That way I am sure to be one of the first people to get it.  The longer the movie sits at your #1 position, the higher priority you get in receiving it.
  3. Make friends. Become a “Netflix Friend” with some who has a Netflix membership and has similar taste in movies to you.  You can look at their queue and potentially find some great movies that you otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.
  4. Send notes. Likewise, send notes to your Netflix friend(s) and encourage them to do the same.  When you see a horrible movie, you can tell them not to bother watching it.  When you see a great one, you can tell them how wonderful it is.  Like #3 above, this works best with someone who has similar taste to you.
  5. Pay attention to how often you are watching movies. Do not pay for a four at a time unlimited plan if you only manage to watch a movie twice a month. If tracking your activity seems like a hassle, don’t worry.  Netflix does it for you!  Go to “Your Account” (upper right corner) and choose “DVD Rental Activity” for a complete report.
  6. Don’t forget TV shows! This has been the biggest perk of Netflix for me — getting to see great TV shows (commercial free, I might add!) like House, Boston Legal, and old favorites such as Square Pegs.

Like any service, Netflix can be well worth the money when you use it effectively.  If you know of any tips not listed here, please let me know!



  1. Thanks for the advice. We will be returning to the US in April and want to catch up on movies and TV shows. You’ve given me some good ideas about how to approach it.

  2. We are Netflix users too and I have caught up on all the previous Lost seasons using it. Thanks for the tip on adding new releases to your queue – I’ll be doing that right about now…

  3. I too am a netflix lover! THanks for the tip about watching commercial free tv shows! I forgot about that! Watch out Friends and Seinfield! 🙂

    I am also planning on checking out the “watch now” features… to view workout videos and the like.

    THank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. Thanks for tip #1 and #2!

  5. Thanks for the tips. We have thought about getting Netflix, but haven’t done it yet. I didn’t even know they had TV shows. That does make it more appealing. Lisa~

  6. Cool info…

  7. I didnt know that about the pre-releasers. Thanks. I just did that, the other day, with ER, in HOPES that we would get it first.

    We watch all the shows (Except Survivor) on Netflix…we like Heroes, Lost and ER.

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