Freaky Anatomical Stuff

January 28, 2009

Okay folks, I’m gonna warn you right up front that this is gross.  Read at your own risk.

On New Years Eve, I came down with a sinus infection.  I’d been feeling blah for a while and when I woke up on 12/31 I knew I was getting a full fledged infection.  I’m no stranger to this sort of problem — I used to get sinus infections every 6-8 weeks before I started taking allergy shots.  They hit me fast and, if I don’t nip them in the bud, they hit me hard.

The problem was, it was New Year’s Eve.  My doctor’s office had closed early (although they didn’t think to mention that in their recorded answering message) and so had the immediate care/after hours facility.  I was doctor-less.  And although I knew I would be miserable, I just didn’t think it was critical enough for me to go to the emergency room.

So I suffered until two days later, when the doctor finally re-opened his doors for business.  Went in, saw the nurse practitioner.  She told me I had a sinus infection (duh!), prescribed antibiotics, and sent me on my merry way.

The antibiotics took over a week to really work.  I saw some relief after two days or so, but it was more like two weeks before I really felt normal again.  While in that recovery period, I did a lot of nose blowing, as you might imagine.

Well, one particular night, Dan and Trevor were playing that infernal game, and I headed back to the bedroom to go to bed.  I grabbed a tissue and blew my nose, then realized with disgust that something wet and gooey was on the bridge of my nose.

Wait a minute.  How did that get there?  Surely I didn’t blow my nose so hard that it flew up from under the tissue!

I wiped it off and blew again.  This time I felt a really odd sensation in the corner of my right eye.

Oh, no way.  Surely not!

I went in the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.  Blew my nose again and felt that same weird sensation in my eye as I watched the hair over my eye fly upward from the breeze.

There was air coming out of my eye.  By way of my nose.

Eeeeeuuuuuwwww! (See?  I told you it was gross!)

I ran back to the den and told the guys what had happened as I Googled it.  Praise God for Google, y’all!  I just don’t know what I would do without it.  It definitely saved me from a major freak out that day!

Because, as it turns out?  It’s a relatively normal occurrence.  Leastwise, I’m not the only person it’s ever happened to.  And that made me feel a little better… but I still don’t care to repeat that experience.  Ick.


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  1. This has started happening to me and it really bothers me. Why now?

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