Love is in the details

January 24, 2009

I’ve often said that I would consider people my true friend if I thought they would come visit me in the hospital.  (That’s a spin on an old bit of “Dear Abby” advice — don’t waste your time dating a man who wouldn’t come visit you if you were in the hospital.)

Back in the days when Dan and I were dating/engaged, he did so many little things that totally won my heart.  For instance:

  • He organized a group of his friends to help move my things from my apartment to my new house.
  • When I told him that I couldn’t go out because I had to get my new house painted, he offered to come over and help me paint.
  • On the very first night that I was in my new house, Dan came over to visit.  Just before he got there, Trevor had fallen down the stairs and broken his collar bone.  Dan took Trevor and me to the emergency room and stayed with us until Trevor had been seen, treated and released.  (We had only been dating for about two weeks at this point!)
  • My house had ceramic tile floors which were always cold to walk on.  Dan would go down to the kitchen every morning and bring me my morning caffeine.
  • For years, I’ve worn the kind of contact lenses you can sleep in.  When I wake up, my eyes are very dry so I need to use moisturizing eyedrops.  One morning I complained that the eyedrops were cold.  From that point on, Dan would hold the eyedrop bottle in his hand for a few minutes to warm up the drops for me.
  • He left little surprises for me — chocolate candies, a hand written note, a little frog figurine — wherever I would accidentally find it and be pleasantly surprised.

You may have guessed that he doesn’t do this sort of stuff now that we’ve been married nine years… but he still manages to show me that he loves me.  The gestures are more practical than romantic now, but the message is the same.  I am so blessed to be spending my life with him!


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