It Kills With One Bite

January 21, 2009

Saturday night when I went to bed, I turned on the TV.  There wasn’t much on except MAD TV (I don’t really find it that funny), one of CBS’ eighteen murder shows, and a PBS Nature program.

The program was about animals that are similar to the mythical dragon, and how stories of dragons may have come about.  Towards the end of the show, they showed this clip about Komodo Dragons.

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the creatures ever since then. Did you see it running after the man? If that wasn’t a freaky, intimidating sight, then I don’t know what is!

Here are some of the fascinating tidbits I’ve learned during my temporary (I hope) obsession:

  • they have approximately 60 teeth, which are serrated and replaceable like a shark’s teeth
  • they eat nearly every part of an animal — including bones, hooves, and horns
  • they have been known to dig up bodies from shallow graves and consume them
  • they can smell a dead or dying animal up to six miles away
  • they can swallow whole animals as large as a goat
  • the females may lay eggs without benefit of mating/fertilization (parthenogenesis)
  • they are cannibalistic and will eat dead Komodo Dragons


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