The Past 31 Hours

December 2, 2008

In the past 31 hours, I have:

  • confirmed that my dad’s surgery would be December 4
  • asked Dan to hook me up with a laptop while I am in Baltimore so I can email and blog
  • asked my Girl Scout co-leader to take over for the December 9 meeting
  • called my brother to let him know that the surgery would be Thursday so he could make plans to come up here for it
  • canceled my Thursday morning Bible study
  • worked 8 hours
  • started a massive laundry effort to make sure I have a week’s worth of clothes to pack and — more importantly — my children don’t run out of matching clothes while I am away
  • registered Sophia for a Girl Scout day camp
  • sent out prayer requests for my dad
  • asked my mom to pick up the kids from school on Thursday and Friday
  • told my boss I wouldn’t be able to work next week
  • paid all of the bills sitting on my desk
  • gone to bed an hour later than I’d hoped to
  • gotten up in the middle of the night for about an hour
  • gotten up an hour earlier than I wanted to in the morning
  • told Lisa I wouldn’t be attending the weekend scrapbook retreat we signed up for  😦
  • received a call from the neurosurgeon’s office notifying me that the surgery had to be rescheduled
  • conferred with my dad about the two possible dates and settled on December 10
  • told my Bible study group that I would not be in Baltimore this Thursday after all, but since my life has suddenly gotten insane, perhaps we should postpone meeting again until after the holidays.
  • told my boss I could work at the beginning of next week after all
  • called my brother and told him that the surgery would be next week instead
  • told Lisa I would be attending the scrapbooking weekend after all (yay!)
  • told my mom she didn’t need to pick up the kids after all
  • spent two hours ringing the bell for the Salvation Army kettle campaign outside Wal Mart
  • gone grocery shopping
  • developed a whopper of a headache

And now, I am just so darn tired I could collapse.  But I still have lunches to pack and a cell group gathering to prepare for.  Waaaahhhh!

Thankfully, I am off from work tomorrow.  I see a nap in my not-so-distant future.  🙂


One comment

  1. you are an inspiration to me, j. the way you organize and hold things together, God has blessed you with a beautiful talent and gift that will bless your family and others. especially during this difficult time. i’m praying for yoU!

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