Menu Plan Monday: December 1-7, 2008

December 1, 2008

Comments on last week’s menu: Our Thanksgiving meal was a big hit.  Lots of food and everything except the gravy turned out well.  (When I was putting cornstarch in the pan, I accidentally dumped way too much in there.)  I also discovered that I needed a proper roasting pan and a baster.  The pan was too small and filled up with juices to the point of overflowing… at which point I had to use one of Sophia’s old (but clean) medicine syringes to pull some of the juice out to prevent a big mess.   I think I learn something every time I fix a turkey.

This week, we’re dealing with lots of leftovers and (thankfully!) very few scheduled activities:

Monday Turkey Casserole with Havarti cheese, served with broccoli

Tuesday — Leftovers.  Dan is taking Trevor to an evening appointment and Sophia and I will be volunteering as bell ringers for the Salvation Army.

Wednesday — Spaghetti, Caesar Salad, garlic bread

Thursday Turkey, Ham & Swiss casserole

Friday — I am going away for the weekend to scrapbook!  Dan and the kids will have movie night tonight, with light fare and/or leftovers for dinner.

Saturday — Still scrapbooking; Dan said not to worry about him and the kids — they’ll wing it.

Sunday — I’ll be coming home from scrapbooking at some point, and we will either do something casual and low key (like sandwiches & soup) or go out.



  1. Our turkey gravy was amazing because we purchase it from Fresh & Easy. The hubby has never been known for his gravy making.
    Sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. […] on last week’s menu: Our turkey leftover dishes, the Turkey Casserole with Havarti cheese and the Turkey, Ham & […]

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