It’s Friday? How Did That Happen?

November 21, 2008

friday1I cannot believe how quickly the week has gone by.  I have three half-started blog posts that I didn’t finish because either I lost interest or was just too tired.  Here’s what I’ve been doing this week.

Monday — Worked 9-3.  We received a last minute invitation to go out to dinner with my in-laws.  A local restaurant was offering free meals for veterans/active duty military, and since both Dan and his stepfather-in-law are vets, we took advantage of the offer.  Got home well past Sophia’s bedtime.

Tuesday — A mom’s breakfast at Sophia’s school as part of American Education Week.  They gave us four handouts that had a total of 250 things to do to make sure your kids turn out okay.  I looked through the lists and discovered (happily) that I am already doing (and have been doing) most of them.  Which is good, because if I had to add 250 things to my “to do” list I would probably have a nervous breakdown. (Unfinished blog post #1)

After the blueberry muffin with guilt topping, I visited Sophia’s classroom, then headed to work, where I stayed until 3:00 pm.  After that it was pick up Trevor, pick up Sophia, come home for 45 minutes to take care of business, then off to a counseling appointment for Trevor.  Bring him back home, he eats super fast, then Dan takes him to the cell group he’s joined while I start cooking dinner.  This dinner.  Which is supposed to take just 30 minutes.  And it does, if all you count is cooking time.  But the preparation was at least 30-45 minutes on its own.  I guess Rachael has folks who do that sort of thing for her.  We ended up finishing dinner right around Sophia’s bed time.

Wednesday — I took Sophia to school and, since I had an unexpected day off, decided to go embarrass surprise Trevor by showing up at his school for American Education Week. I got there at the beginning of second period, Trevor’s Earth Science class.  The teacher was talking about plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  He ended his talk by showing clips from a documentary called Ring of Fire.  At one point, the teacher was showing a scene of Mount St Helens and talking about how the blast had knocked down so many trees for such a great distance.  (Click here for a photo if you are unfamiliar with what it looked like.)  We were looking at these stunning aerial/IMAX images of huge trees littering the ground like toothpicks and — I swear, I am not making this up! — one girl said, “How come they look like wood?”  I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing at the poor thing.  (Unfinished blog post #2.)

After science class, I came home and got all domestic goddess-y, cleaning my house in preparation for hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I mopped the floors, scoured the tub, did laundry, and scrubbed out the inside of the microwave.  A tip — which I should have used in a Works-for-Me-Wednesday post — is to put a bowl of water in the microwave and let it boil in there for a few minutes before cleaning.  It will get all moist and steamy in there so that when you go to clean it, all the crumbly food bits will wipe off more easily.  So I guess that would be unfinished (or rather unstarted) blog post #3.

After a quick dinner, we took the kids to church (Sophia has a “Music & Missions” program on Wednesday evenings; Trevor helps out in the younger kids’ craft room) and we went to our cell group.  Home around 9:00.

Thursday — I wake up at 5 stinkin’ 30 (that’s 5:30 AM) to get ready for yet another drive to Baltimore in the ongoing story of my dad and his brain tumor.  Today’s mission was to have an evaluation done by the anesthesia department in order to secure approval for surgery.  Our appointment time was 8:45.  There was a bad accident on the way which forced us to take a detour and arrive 45 minutes late.   We left the hospital after 2.5 hours of filling out forms and answering questions, only to find that no one had any answers for us.  We don’t know if he has been (or will be) approved for surgery, and we don’t know if the surgery will take place on December 4 or not.

I’m feeling rather discouraged about this because we have been dealing with this since June/July and quite frankly, I think that at this point we should be dealing with recovery from surgery, not more paper-pushing and wondering when/if surgery will ever take place.  I did actually blog about today’s events, but only because I know folks are waiting to hear about it.  The link to his brain tumor blog is in the sidebar if you’re interested.  (Although I’ve already pretty much told you everything in that paragraph above.)

We had dinner at my in-laws’ house this evening and once we got home and put the kids to bed, Dan and I retired as well.  It’s been a long week!


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