I’m Documenting This Because It Will Probably Never Happen Again

November 10, 2008

I went to the grocery store tonight.  Not the Wal Mart, where I do the bulk of my weekly shopping, but the regular ole high priced grocery store (or, if you prefer, supermarket).

The only things that I buy at the grocery store are the sale items.  I won’t buy anything that isn’t on sale, unless it’s something that Wal Mart doesn’t carry, or it’s an impulse buy.

Tonight my list consisted of ice cream, sodas, bottled water, shampoo, and cheese.  I had two impulse buys (thankfully, both on sale) — raspberry flavored herbal tea and a bottle of cheapo fruity sweet wine.  As I was checking out and carefully watching the monitor, the cashier said something to me.  It took me a minute to realize she had asked me something.

“I’m sorry…?” I said.

“I’ll need to see your ID.  For the wine.”

“My wha….?”  She was carding me! “Oh, bless your heart!”  I dug out my license and handed it to her.

“Oh my!  You are past the legal age.  Well, you don’t look it.”

“Thank you!” I exclaimed, and left the store with a spring in my step.  I didn’t bother pointing out that if I’d had a child when I was of legal age to buy wine, that child would now be of legal age to buy wine.




  1. I love when that happens! 🙂

  2. Documented…now FRAME it honey! 🙂

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