Impulse Shopping

November 8, 2008

While I was browsing in Barnes & Noble Friday evening, I gathered four items.  In 45 minutes.  To buy.  I have a little problem with impulse buys, which is why I try to stay out of retail establishments as much as possible.

First, I grabbed the latest edition of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.  I did thumb through it first to make sure there were some recipes I would try.  Five different kinds of fruitcake?  Um, no thanks.  No, the recipe that convinced me I needed to buy the magazine was “Everything Baked Potato Lasagna.”  I was practically salivating on the glossy pages.  In the harsh light of day, though, I realize that it probably isn’t in my best interest to combine two of my favorite starches (potato and pasta) in one dish.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I should have picked up The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet instead.

The second thing I grabbed was The Best Napkin Folding Book Ever.  One of Sophia’s chores is setting the table each night and she loves to make it pretty.  We learned a few basic napkin folds, but with Thanksgiving coming up I know she would like to do something fancy.  She’s looking through it as I am typing this and has declared that “Swanky Swan” is her favorite.

Third was Josh MacDowell’s More Than a Carpenter.  This wasn’t so much an impulse buy, since I’d been meaning to pick up a copy sometime.  For my dad, who has some really screwy notions about who Jesus is.  My pastor recommended it, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my dad at the appropriate time.

Finally, I got Little Miss Christmas by Roger Hargreaves.  For me Sophia.  I just love the Roger Hargreaves Little Miss/Mr. Men books. Best of all, they are just the right size to fit in a Christmas stocking.

Thankfully, my impulse buys totalled under $25, so it wasn’t terribly naughty of me to buy them.  But I think I will stay out of B&N for a while now.  🙂


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