November 3, 2008

Today I found out that a very popular vacation spot is allowing veterans and their families to enjoy their main attractions for free this coming weekend, in honor of Veterans Day.  Dan is a veteran, having served in the US Army during the Persian Gulf War AKA Desert Storm.  The vacation spot is 4 hours away, too far for a day trip but close enough to be do-able in a weekend.

We have been to this vacation spot before but opted not to pay for the outrageously expensive passes to get inside the attractions.  We had a pleasant day strolling around in lovely weather, looking at historic buildings and browsing the shops.  I don’t remember what it would have cost us to buy the passes then, but today the cost for the four of us would be somewhere around $125-$150.

And now we have a chance to soak up the sights — even on the inside of the buildings! — for free.

What’s the dilemma, you may wonder?  Well, it occurred to me that I’ve spent a lot of time grumbling (mostly to myself) about how I’m tired of always having something going one, how the month of October was gone in a flash, how every weekend gets booked up with activities way in advance, etc.  And it also occurred to me that eating up an otherwise uneventful weekend with two days of sightseeing and car travel might not be the best way to alleviate those feelings of being overscheduled.

But, gosh, I do love a bargain!

So, here is the PRO side for going on the trip:

  • get to see something new
  • educational value for the kids
  • a weekend away from home with no cooking or cleaning for me
  • great price (you can’t beat free!)
  • activity where we are all together as a family

And the CON side:

  • it isn’t completely new, as we’ve already been there
  • the kids might be bored by the historical aspect
  • having to pay for lodging and gas means it isn’t completely free
  • don’t get desperately needed down time

What do you think?



  1. Um, HELLO! I am dying to go! You must! FOR ME! (And send pics.) 🙂

  2. Of all places to have to stay overnight you are lucky since you usually can get some great deals in the area and um, there’s other fun things to do around there. Just think of the scrapbook ops! Besides, DS is not getting any younger nudge nudge.

  3. […] 7, 2008 · No Comments We’re not going away this weekend.  Despite the really great deal that was being offered, a couple of circumstanceskind of forced me to lean a little to the “no, stay home” […]

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