October 30, 2008

I love getting freebies, and I love sharing them with other folks.  That’s why I set up my Frugal Shopaholic blog — to let other people know about great deals and freebies.

Well, one of the freebies arrived in my mailbox today:  a razor, the kind that is made just for women.

I’ve been using the same brand of razor — Schick’s Personal Touch — at least since I was in college.  (That, I hate to admit, translates to 20+ years of brand loyalty.)  Occasionally I will think that maybe it’s time to look for a new razor, but only because I worry that Schick will stop making the Personal Touch and I will no longer be able to find replacement blades for it.  After all, as far as razors go, it’s the equivalent of a rotary telephone.  A virtual dinosaur, with only two blades.  By comparison, the one I received in the mail today — a Gillette Venus Embrace — has FIVE blades.

Five blades?!?!? Now, is it me, or does that look and sound a little scary?



  1. Scary AND it still misses spots on those boney parts on knees!!!

  2. LOL! Um, is it bad that I have NO IDEA what brand I use? Honestly can’t remember. It’s kind of a wine color …. At least I recognize it at the store.

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