If You’re Looking for Jack-o-Lanterns

October 28, 2008

… this really isn’t the best place.

Every year about this time, I get an insane spike in the number of hits on my little blog because people Google images of jack-o-lanterns.  (The record was 600+ hits in one day, last Halloween.)  Why?  Because of this post, where I included a photo of our four jack-o-lanterns.  Go ahead and click if you must, but prepare to be underwhelmed.  For some reason, Google thinks that ought to be the number two image result for “jackolanterns.”

I took the liberty of looking at other Google images myself, and found much more impressive works of creative gourd-carving.  For instance:

But seriously, if you want to see some great pumpkins, don’t waste time Googling.  Just head over to Extreme Pumpkin and take a look through their photo galleries of past contest winners.  You can also pick up some good carving pointers there.


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