Payback for all the times he worried about me…

October 27, 2008

We had quite the comedy of errors on Sunday morning.

We left the house in a rush (as usual) to meet my dad for breakfast like we do every Sunday morning. This particular morning Dan’s mom and her new husband were also joining us there.  I forgot to grab my cell phone on the way out the door and left it at home.  We arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed coffee while we waited for my dad to arrive.  Time kept ticking past and still my dad hadn’t shown up.  We waited some more, then ate breakfast.  I used my mother-in-law’s cell phone to call my dad’s house but I got his answering machine.  I couldn’t call his cell phone because I don’t know the number.

(I used to have all important numbers memorized before I got a cell phone and programmed them into its memory instead of mine.  Isn’t technology wonderful?)

When breakfast was over, my dad still hadn’t shown up and I was getting very anxious that he could have been in a car accident, had a seizure, or decided that he just can’t deal with feeling so bad any more and killed himself.  Of course, I didn’t say any of that in front of the kids, but Dan knew what I was thinking. He told me to go home and get my cell phone while he waited at the restaurant for my dad to show up.

Trevor and I went back to the house and got the phone.  Sure enough, there was a message from my dad saying it was 9:15 and he had forgotten his wallet at home, so he had to turn back and go get it.  He told me to order for him and that he would be there ASAP.  I was relieved and expected him to be sitting at the table when I returned to the restaurant at 10:30.  Only he wasn’t there.

I told Dan about the message; he asked what time my dad had called.  I looked at my log of missed calls and it said that he called me at 10:15, not 9:15.  I called my dad’s cell phone and he answered.  He was on his way but had no idea how late he really was because he had set back all of his clocks one hour.  He had no idea that the Fall Back weekend was still a week away and asked, “What idiot made that decision?!?!”  To which I replied, “Congress, I believe.”

Eventually, he showed up at the restaurant and we waited with him while he ate.  Typical for the stubborn man that he is, he said he was NOT going to change his clocks back to the correct time. Because that would just be too inconvenient.  Instead, he asked me three times while he ate his breakfast what time it really was and looked at his wrist watch in comparison.

I was pretty much wiped out from the stress of the morning, but I’m glad that it was just a series of ill-timed mishaps and nothing as serious as I’d feared.  🙂

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