A New Hero

October 7, 2008

One day last week, I was busy cooking dinner when I realized that something unusual was happening:  the kids were elsewhere in the house, and they were being quiet.  This hardly ever happens, especially when I am cooking dinner.  That’s when they are most prone to argue with each other, whine about having to set the table, complain about what I’m fixing, or sit at the kitchen island and talk to me about whatever is on their minds.  I am never completely left alone while cooking dinner.

Needless to say, I had to investigate.  I poked my head into the living room and saw them on the couch, a red plastic bin of Legos between them.  Sophia was looking at Trevor with an expression of adoration on her face while he told her a story, using the Legos as a visual aid.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I decided not to do or say anything — I would be crazy to disrupt them! — and hastily retreated to the kitchen to continue with meal preparation.  And although I was pleased to have peace and quiet at such a frantic time of day, I really didn’t think much of it until a day or so later, when I noticed that Sophia kept talking to Trevor about Indiana.

How odd, I thought.  We’ve never been to Indiana, and they don’t teach US geography in first grade.

Apparently, Indiana Jones was the star of the Lego story Trevor created, and Sophia is completely enamored with him.  She is now drawing pictures of him with the title “I Love Indiana” and asking for Indiana Jones stories at bedtime.  Indiana Jones is her new hero, even if (as she pointed out last night) he doesn’t have a nose.


One comment

  1. lol. that is a rare treat! praying it happens more often than not. :0)

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