Birthday Recap

September 24, 2008

So…. yesterday was my birthday.  I had almost forgotten that it was coming.

The first gift I received for my birthday was a few weeks early.  While we were up in the Poconos over Labor Day weekend, Suzanne had given me two books:  Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker’s Soul and a devotional book called Voices of the Faithful.  I am enjoying both of them very much!

But with everything going on (working part time, taking care of my dad’s medical situation, and other stuff), I hadn’t had time to really sit down and think about my birthday.  So when Tuesday rolled around, I didn’t really have any expectations about what would happen or who would give me a present or what sort of present it might be.  It was probably one of the nicest birthdays ever, which just goes to show that lower expectations make for happier results.

First thing in the morning we retrieved Monday’s mail and in it was a Panera gift card from Noodle.  She knows how carb-addicted I am and how much I love Panera, even though she’s never had the privilege of eating there herself, poor girl.  (We meant to do it in Kentucky but never managed to.)

Then it was off to work, where no one knew it was my birthday, and I didn’t feel any need to tell them.  After school that afternoon, the kids got to celebrate with me.  They each had picked out a present for me.  Trevor got me this:

And Sophia got me this:

Yes, my very own Webkinz! I have a confession to make: I’ve been playing some of the Webkinz games on my kids’ accounts. To help them earn KinzCash to buy things with, that is. Not because I enjoyed the games or anything. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The bullfrog’ is named Ferdinand, in homage to the children’s story Ferdinand the Bull.  So he’s Ferdinand the Bull FROG.  Hahaha.  Get it?  It wasn’t until well after the Webkinz adoption process that I realized Jeremiah would have been a much cooler name.

The Pug gets named next month when I adopt her (The pug is the Pet of the Month for October).  Any suggestions for her name?  Yes, she is a girl.  I thought about Sandra, like Otis’ lady love in The Adventures of Milo and Otis, but the AAAAAH in Sandra just doesn’t translate very well to the written word.

Anyway, when Dan came home we took the kids to a birthday party (friends of ours have a son who was born on my birthday), and then he and I went out for dinner.  BY OURSELVES!  Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve done that!  We went to a “wine bistro.”  It could have been McDonald’s for all I cared.  It was just so nice to eat and talk without being interrupted.

Afterwards, we picked the kids up and stayed for a while to visit with our friends.  We had a piece of ice cream cake and chatted, then headed home to get the kids in bed.

Then Dan gave me the most beautiful birthday card I think I’ve ever received.  Here’s what it said on the front:

Once there was this guy.  A nice guy really. And he met this girl. An incredible girl — truly amazing. So naturally the guy falls head over heels in love with her and pretty soon they’re picking out china patterns and rings and there’s a wedding and the starry-eyed couple rides off into what will surely be a rosy future.

Then in the middle, it said this:

Okay, so now some time has passed and the guy is living in that future.   He’s still married to this girl, but now their life includes a lot of stuff — appliances and bills and loads of laundry and home repair projects.  But between all the to-dos and have-tos, there are these moments when the guy stops for a minute and looks around him.

And on the very inside, it says:

He looks at his wife, who is still truly amazing, he looks at their life together, all the ways and different directions it’s grown, he looks at all the responsibilities he’s got, and he thinks to himself, ‘so, this is my life.’

And then he thinks, I am one helluva lucky guy.

Is he wonderful or what?!?!  And as if all that weren’t enough, he wrote a very nice personal note.

*sigh*  I love that man!

And as if THAT weren’t enough, he brought in a great big box for me to open.  And what did I find inside but this baby:


And tonight my mom took us out for dinner and gave me not only a gift certificate to a lah-ti-dah salon (I desperately need a hair cut), but also a voucher for one night of babysitting both kids — overnight!!

What a great birthday it’s been!



  1. congrats on getting your own cricut! have fun..:0)

  2. It turned out to be a great day after all! 🙂 I’m so glad the gift card got there in time. I was worried.

    So what did you name the Pug? I have a hippo. Her name is Martha, of course.

  3. Searching for the words in this great card my husband got me for my 40th and the only site that came up was your blogsite. Happy birthday! What a great card – we have 5 kids, blended family, hubby & I dated in High School, reconnected 20 years later…. we had been talking about how crazy life gets with the 7 of us, how much work it can be and he gets me this card to tell me he still thinks he’s one lucky guy. He’s always telling me that. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to read through your blog. I’ve been wanting to create one of my own – any suggestions on starting?

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