When Six Year Olds Talk Politics

September 20, 2008

Last night I took Sophia and her friend Anna to a Girl Scout party.  On the way there, I was privy to the following back seat conversation:

Anna: You’re Democrats, right?

Sophia: Huh?

Anna: You’re going to vote for Obama?

Sophia: No, we’re going to vote for McCain.

Anna: You shouldn’t vote for him.

Sophia: Why not?

Anna: Because he’s a Republican!  He’s bad!  [pause]  My uncle’s a Republican.

Me: Is your uncle bad?

Anna: No…

Sophia: My mom doesn’t think Obama has enough experience.

Anna: Well, he does!

Me: You know, girls, some people think that it isn’t polite to talk about politics.

Anna & Sophia, simultaneously: Oh.

Sophia: Hey, let’s pretend I’m a baby and you’re my mommy.

Anna: Okay!

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